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Blue Fort Spring Steps with Expanded Steel or Rubber Treads

Product Code : GPGSS702M

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A safe and secure option for demanding working environments, these Blue Fort Spring Steps are available with either Expanded Steel or Rubber Treads to complement every workplace.  GS Approved and Certified to European Standard EN131, they are constructed from fully welded steel, and offer a generous tread depth of 145mm for comfort and stability when work takes you off the ground.

Depending on the model you choose, these Blue Fort Spring Steps will be delivered with hard-wearing expanded steel wheels, or with durable rubber tyre wheels that work well on standard warehouse floors. With wide handrails and a deep platform, these spring steps are ideal for busy professional who spend much of their day working at height.

  • ·  GS Approved
  • ·  EN131 Certified
  • ·  Tread Depth 145mm
  • ·  400mm Wide x 300mm Deep Platform 
  • ·  Expanded Steel or Rubber Wheel Option

Please select a product code from the above options that correspond with the product you wish to purchase from the table below:

Product Code     Number of Treads     Weight (kg)      Platform Height (mm)     Size mm (HxWxD)      Description     

GPGSS702M218kg5001210 x 540 x 820Expanded Steel Treads 

GPGSS703M320kg7501460 x 570 x 1032Expanded Steel Treads

GPGSS704M422kg10001710 x 600 x 1244 Expanded Steel Treads 

GPGSS705M524kg12501960 x 630 x 1456Expanded Steel Treads

GPGSS706M626kg15002210 x 660 x 1668Expanded Steel Treads 

GPGSS707M728kg17502460 x 690 x 1880Expanded Steel Treads

GPGSS708M830kg20002710 x 720 x 2029 Expanded Steel Treads

GPGSS702R219kg5001210 x 540 x 820Rubber Treads

GPGSS703R321kg7501460 x 570 x 1032Rubber Treads

GPGSS704R423kg10001710 x 600 x 1244Rubber Treads

GPGSS705R525kg12501960 x 630 x 1456 Rubber Treads

GPGSS706R627kg15002210 x 660 x 1668Rubber Treads

GPGSS707R729kg17502460 x 690 x 1880Rubber Treads 

GPGSS708R831kg20002710 x 720 x 2029Rubber Treads

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