Summer can be a bummer when you’re working. Hot, stuffy meeting rooms and clammy suit jackets can mean that the season is a dreaded nightmare – not to mention the added feeling that you’re missing out on lovely sunny days at the beach or pub. That’s why we’ve gathered together our top tips for working in the summer heat.


Keep it cool

Staying cool in the office during warm periods can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re expected to wear smart clothing that can be quite restrictive. A good idea would be to invest in some lightweight pieces for wearing in the height of the season. Try a short sleeve shirt and some breathable cotton trousers, or ditch the tights and trousers altogether and opt for a floaty but formal dress.

If pushing the dress code boundaries is completely out of the question, you can take alternative measures to maintain a healthy temperature. Bring a small fan to work for a refreshing desk breeze and open a window if possible to allow air to cool and circulate.

Tip: Run cold water over your wrists to cool down your blood, eventually chilling your whole body.


Stay hydrated

A hydrated brain is a productive one. However, in the summer we have to be more conscious to regularly replenish our fluids, as we naturally loose them by sweating. Be sure to stash a bottle of water or juice within reach, sipping regularly throughout the day.

Tip: Freeze a bottle of water the night before work in order to have a cold, refreshing drink that will last all morning.


Stay motivated

Going into the office on a lovely sunny day can be heartbreaking when you spot others frolicking in a nearby park, or boasting about their afternoon BBQ on Facebook. Instead of fearing that you’re missing out, focus on your own exciting summer activities for the evenings and weekends. Plan to take a trip to the beer garden on Friday night or take a picnic to the park on Sunday. After all, summertime means longer days, which means more time to relax after work.


Organise office activities

Depending on how liberal your workplace is, you could always opt to bring the summer indoors. Organise some seasonal events for your fellow employees to enjoy, such as a make-your-own mocktail competition or, in the spirit of Rio 2016, a mini office Olympics. Meanwhile, keep the tropical vibes flowing by adding some cheerful décor to your desk. Just remember to get some work done in the midst of all the daydreaming!


Do you have any tips for working during summer? How do you keep cool in a suit? Share your tips with us on Twitter and Facebook


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