It’s safe to say that most of the UK knows how to ride a bike, yet it’s estimated that only 9% of Brits actually cycle to work every day. Here’s a reminder of the genuine benefits of ditching your car in the morning and picking up your cycle helmet instead.


1) Improve your health

There are countless positive effects that cycling has on your body. It is one of the best ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn off fat, improve joint mobility and even decrease stress levels.

The average worker in the UK already spends 9.5 hours a day sedentary (sitting down), which has its own long-term health issues and onsets lethargy in the workplace. Any active cycle to work creates a healthy, positive start to the day and will increase productivity in the office. Even if you cycle part of the way to work for just 10 minutes, it’ll still add up across the week… the month… and the year.


2) Save money

British commuters end up spending a larger proportion of their wages on travel costs than most of Europe. But how can we cut the cost of our gruelling commute? The answer is cycling. You buy your bike up front and then you’re done, aside from the occasional tyre change or can of WD40.


3) Help the environment

You would need the same amount of materials and energy used to make one car as you would for twenty bicycles. Furthermore, you don’t need to use fuel to keep a bike going, which dramatically reduces your carbon footprint. This simple change to your commute can go a long way to decreasing carbon emissions and traffic congestion across the country.


4) Bicycle hire schemes

If you don’t own a bike, you’re probably thinking that these tips don’t apply to you. Don’t fret. Many cities now have schemes that encourage cycling in urban areas, allowing people to hire bikes for part of their commute. Notably, the bicycle sharing system in London, implemented by Ken Livingstone but popularly known as Boris Bikes, has been hugely prevalent in the capital. Many commuters get the train into the city and then pick up a bicycle for the last leg of their journey.


5) Beat the traffic

The lucky minority of morning cyclers are able to skip the traffic jams and seamlessly wheel their way to work without added congestion. Cycling to work is a no brainer, right?


bicycle against a yellow wall