Nobody dreams of working in a drab, boring workplace where creativity Is shunned and inspiration is in short supply. It can be hard to motivate employees to work to their potential, or get excited about coming in to work, so it’s important to remind them why they want to work there in the first place. A workplace that promotes creativity and fuels the creative fires in their bellies will guarantee an increase in productivity and morale. This cannot be accomplished overnight, you can’t make an announcement for employees to be more creative and expect the environment to change. There’s a process to inspiring creativity.

You need to motivate employees if you want them to be more creative. Use rewards to help coax people out of their shells, make creativity that extra-something that everyone should work hard to accomplish. However, you need to make sure that you listen to suggestions, take others’ ideas on board, and not forget the suggestion that just won someone a reward for their creativity.

Confident employees, those who are eager to impress, may feel comfortable addressing you with their ideas and creativity face-to-face, but you can’t expect everyone to be this confident. Shyer individuals may feel as if there’s no point in being creative if they lack the confidence to share their ideas in an environment that makes them stressed or uncomfortable. By introducing techniques that allow anonymity, such as a suggestion box or an online forum, employees have the ability to produce creative ideas without the fear of being shot down.

With that in mind, some of the best ideas are a result of a group of likeminded people tackling a problem together. As well as private or anonymous tactics to inspire creativity, hold public brainstorming sessions or group meetings. This way, staff will be encouraged to offer many creative ideas, and unlike the private sessions, will be congratulated or praised for bringing a new and interesting concept to the table.

Depending on the size of your business, it could be slightly difficult to hold a public forum or brainstorming session. However, the inclusion of teamwork and camaraderie may be the solution you’re looking for. Create innovation teams made up of groups of employees; they can then divide problems between groups, or tackle the same issue to add an element of competition. Through this, the shy employees will have the support of their team, and the confident employees have the chance to be heard and recognised.

By no means are we suggesting that you turn your effective work environment into a creativity-fuelled battle royal, so try not to promote too serious a competition. Sometimes being overly serious can hinder a workplace, making employees stressed or bored of the pressure. Having fun during the workday helps employees to relax and be happy, which will then result in them becoming more creative and open to voicing their ideas.

Overall, every employee has the ability to be creative. Giving those who work for you the tools to express themselves in an appropriate and effective way will benefit your business tenfold. Create competition, inspire creativity, ensure happiness and fun in the workplace – all of these techniques are stepping stones to a much more relaxed and productive work environment. 

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