1: Casual Fridays

Starting off with an oldie but goldie, letting your staff dress down on a Friday creates a more relaxed end to the week whilst allowing them to express themselves and feel more comfortable for a day. If your workplace doesn’t have a uniform or dress policy in place, you could encourage staff to come to work in costume instead. Making it optional helps as it’s not everyone’s thing, but those who do come to work in cowboy, robot and chicken costumes will bring smiles to many faces.


2: Staff outings

Most workplaces celebrate Christmas together but we also recommend getting employees out more often, even if it’s just a quick drink after work. This allows your team to get to know each other outside of the workplace, grow friendships and increase trust, not to mention make some fun memories that they can share together.  


3: Industry trips

Wherever you work, there will be interesting places that give an insight into the wider processes associated with your industry. Examples are printers, distribution centres and retailers, all of which will help your team to gain insight into the bigger picture and exactly where they fit into it.


4: Sign up to a Cycle to Work scheme

By encouraging your staff to keep fit and healthy, beat the traffic and reduce carbon emissions, all while helping them to buy a bike in a cost-effective and affordable way, you’ll find that their wellbeing improves. This is because a little exercise before the start of the working day enhances energy levels and alertness, which in turn improve productivity, efficiency and calmness. Find out more.


5: Cakes, buns and pastries

Everybody loves a sweet treat! Whether you put aside a certain day each week or make it a spontaneous event, bringing in a load of cakes or running a kitty that everyone contributes to can work wonders for morale. You could also go one step further and ask staff to bake buns at home, which can then be shared or sold in the workplace. It’s amazing how simple things like eating an éclair at your desk can really lift your mood.


6: Support a worthy cause

Raising money for charity is an excellent way of bringing together all departments and hierarchy levels. This can be done any way you wish, from running a marathon to having your head shaved. You can even combine it with other activity, such as sponsored cycling and bun sales. This is a great way to engage your team in Corporate Social Responsibility, giving them something worthwhile to get involved in outside of their direct responsibilities.


7: Have a cuppa

This one is so obvious, yet greatly underrated and often avoided. Take a few minutes to catch up with your team over a tea or coffee, even if it's just whilst the kettle's boiling in the staff room. You can talk about projects and work-related topics if you must, but it's the perfect opportunity to ask about their family, what they got up to at the weekend and how they're doing in general. It's a small gesture that goes a very long way.


How do you keep morale high?

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