Think about the trees

So many people have a line in their email signature that dissuades the recipient from printing unless absolutely necessary, but how many of us actually follow this rule? Sometimes we’ll print because we think we can read text or spot mistakes better on paper, or because we need a physical copy, but is this really the case? By cutting down on the amount you print, you’ll save a lot of wood pulp in the long run. 


Walk or cycle to work

Reduce the carbon emissions associated with your workplace and get some fresh air and exercise in the process. Walking and cycling to work have immediate health benefits, which in turn can improve energy levels, wellbeing, alertness and productivity. If you want your staff or team to do the same, look into some Cycle to Work schemes.


Turn the lights off

Very simple, very logical, very easy to forget. The amount of electricity wasted due to offices leaving lights on when not required is enormous, so switch off each time you leave the room. Also get into the habit of only turning them on when necessary and making the most of natural light sources. Plus you can reduce power consumption further by investing in energy saving bulbs.


Make recycling easy

Most offices have paper recycling bins near the printers and aluminium can bins in the staff room, but this often isn’t enough. Set up recycling stations in all high traffic areas, such as open-plan offices, receptions, warehouses and even outdoors if appropriate, as this will encourage staff to dispose of waste responsibly and greatly increase the amount your company recycles.


Reuse old furniture

If you’re getting rid of desks, chairs, filing cabinets or any other furniture that's in decent condition, donate it to a charity shop or give it away to staff. You could even sell it to employees or the public and then pass the money raised to a worthy cause. Whatever you do, don’t just send old furniture to the tip as it’s a massive waste.


Bring a packed lunch

Eating healthy and balanced meals is very important to a productive day, and bringing a packed lunch in a reusable container is the best way to do it. This will ensure that you eat the right food in your ideal quantity, creating minimal or even no waste and saving a few quid at the same time.


Literal greenness

Adding plants to your office is a great idea, as they clean the air, brighten the place up, improve mood and create a more positive environment for working. If you’re worried that you’ll forget to water them, we recommend getting a cactus or two (just make sure they're placed somewhere safe and secure).



How green is your office?

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plant on computer desk