They will obviously want to know your previous experience, your education and any additional qualifications, but companies can also be rather nosy. To aid the flow, adding a list of hobbies and interests can put the icing on the cake and often seal the deal in your successful application. But why is this the case, and what are the real benefits of this seemingly arbitrary section to your CV?


Gives you personality

Everyone applying for the role may have a First-class honours degree or a Duke of Edinburgh Award, but what sets you aside from the rest of the pack? It is often your genuine interests and quirky hobbies that bring you into the limelight and allow you to stand out from the crowd. This won’t always be the case, but for many employers, the type of character you are can often provide the key to whether or not you will fit into a certain company.


Supplements your experience

Before you get carried away, remember that not all of your weird and wonderful weekend activities will be of interest to your potential boss, so try to keep them relevant. For instance, paragraphs describing your love of croquet or your enthusiasm for Russian ballet won’t do anything for your chances of getting the accountant job. In fact, it may be detrimental to your chances, as irrelevant hobbies that bear no significance to the position you have applied for may seem like unnecessary fodder. Instead, sharp and snappy sentences will suffice, and here are some examples of hobbies and activities that will supplement their respective job types:

-- Sports/travel blog for aspiring journalists and copywriters

-- Debating Society membership for political councillors and budding politicians

-- Volunteering in the Scouts/Girl Guides for teaching positions

-- Fundraising for a charitable cause for film/theatre producer roles


Gives you something to discuss in the interview

In order to lift the veil and find out the real person behind the black and white font, employers will want to discuss your CV in your interview. They may not be able to go into too much detail about your grades, but a quirky pastime you have is likely to be a lot more engaging and could spark some interesting discussion. Once again it will set you apart from everyone else and hopefully put a longer lasting impression on who you hope to be your next boss. Who would have thought that a few extra-curricular activities could give you that edge?


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