We try to keep fit, we eat right (well, we try to anyway) and we avoid doing as much damage to our bodies as possible. But when you’re working almost every day, it might seem impossible to maintain this healthy living philosophy. There’s more that can be done other than replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball, that’s just impractical. Over 130 million work days were lost in 2013 through absences due to sickness and injury, the figure being pretty much matched in 2014, with symptoms such as stress or back pain being the main culprits. Employees don’t like being sick, and employers don’t like employees taking the day off sick, so we should all focus on trying to promote healthy living – especially in the workplace.

If you can’t find time in the mornings to exercise before work, and you’re too busy eating, sleeping and socialising to exercise at night, you need to find time at work to get your body moving. Starting with the commute, you can bike or walk to work rather than taking the leisurely drive or cramped bus. If work is too far for your legs to take you all the way, park further away from work than usual or get off the bus one or two stops earlier – forcing your body to move just that bit extra than it’s used to. When you get to work, ignore the lift and use the stairs. When you need to speak to someone at work, rather than ringing them, take a walk over to their office or desk. Also, if you have extra time after eating your dinner, go for a short run or visit the gym for a quick session. Improving your general fitness will help to prevent injury and also improve your posture.

We will eat at least a third of our daily calorie intake at work, so we need to be careful what we consume. Rather than spending money visiting the sandwich shop across the street, or grabbing a meal deal from the business café, make your own packed lunch. Not only will you be assured that everything will be healthy and/or organic, it will also save you a surprising amount of money every week. However, it is vitally important that you don’t just skip lunch altogether; if we don’t maintain a healthy balanced diet, we can suffer headaches, feel sluggish or even have difficulty concentrating.

Remember, work can be stressful for anybody, but maintaining a healthy balance at the workplace as well as at home will greatly benefit happiness and stress levels. Eat right, move your body as much as you can, and take time to relax when you’re feeling overwhelmed. This can all contribute to a happier lifestyle. 

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