Are you content with your current job or do you want to aim for greater things? Beginning your career path is exciting but just how can you climb the ladder and find your dream opportunity? Don’t be reactive, stay proactive.


Impress your boss

If there is room for progression at your workplace it is your boss who will no doubt be making the decisions on who climbs the hierarchy. Whatever positions of responsibility you possess, always give 100% attention and dedication. Don’t just do the bare minimum, strive for more by volunteering yourself for tasks that others don’t want to do. Just a little bit of extra hard work can pay dividends in the long term. It certainly won’t go unnoticed.


Keep a list of your achievements

When the time comes to dive in and go for a promotion, a list of achievements will be vital for moving forward. Any successful projects you oversaw or key deals you closed at the company will be your ammunition for advancement. Remember to update your CV every so often in order for it to be ready and primed to use when you need it. Highlight your success at the company without sounding cocky.

Grab an opportunity

…With both hands. Stay alert to new vacancies that arise higher up in the company. If you are ahead of the game you can prepare and plan for an interview, giving you the best chance of a promotion and impressing those above you. Listing your accomplishments at the company is great but what makes you stand out from the rest?



It’s believed that 80% of jobs are found through the use of networking. Certain employers don’t like the phrase as it can sound superficial, but it is no doubt an effective way of progressing in your career. Attending business events or even just meeting with former colleagues can make a huge difference. Opportunities to climb the career ladder will find their way to you much quicker if you have a broad network in your industry.  


Stay aware of other options

If you find yourself stuck in a dead end job and there are no ways to progress internally, stay conscience of other opportunities on the outside. Spend at least one evening a week searching through job sites for roles that offer a natural progression for your career. Set up saved searches and have email alerts come through to you when your dream job becomes vacant. Thousands of jobs are just a click away if you make an effort to search, there’s no harm in looking!

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