Do you ever find yourself behind at work or lost in overdue tasks? Thousands of people hit the ground running with a new job but begin to dwindle in their efforts after a period of time. Here are a few ways to stay focused and productive in the office.


A good night’s sleep

We spend 24 years of our life asleep for a reason: having at least 7-8 hours of slumber every night will allow you to produce your best work. Your cognitive ability will decrease if you begin a working day with a shortage of sleep, which will affect your work throughout the week if this shortage isn’t recovered. In fact not only will sleep deprivation make it difficult to concentrate, it will often put you in a bad mood during the day.  

Arrive at work early

Arriving just 20 minutes early each morning can make a huge difference to your overall productivity.  It gives you a simple head start with your daily tasks as the office will most likely be quiet with only a few people filtering in. As soon as your colleagues scramble in at 8:59, panting and red in the face, you’ll already have finished your tasks from yesterday and be ready to tackle whatever comes up next.


Maintain a healthy diet

Eating the right foods can especially focus the brain and maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day. Wholegrains, oily fish, vegetables and nuts are all foods strongly attested to improving energy levels to the brain. Stay away from foods with a high fat content as they’ll make you lethargic. That burger you ate at lunch might have tasted good but you’ll regret sitting comatose in your chair unable to do anything for the rest of the afternoon. Our body is 60% H2O, so keeping hydrated is crucial for a healthy and focused state of mind in the office. It’s also believed that dehydration can lead to bad breath, not ideal for your co-workers!


Structure your day

Clearly structuring your day helps you to regulate a familiar routine that will enhance productivity. Don’t cover your computer screen with post-it notes but write a list of things you need to complete before lunch. Focusing your attention on one task is much more effective compared with attempting to complete a number of things all at once. We all like to think that we can successfully multitask but in reality it won’t produce the best results.


Avoid distractions

This is vital for staying focused in the workplace. If you’re allowed to use your mobile at work, try to limit your usage, as it can become the biggest distraction around. Replying to the odd text is fine but if you get caught up on your device it’ll lead you on a clear path to procrastination. Turn it off. Put it in your bag. 


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