There are millions of companies worldwide across countless sectors that all have something in common. They strive for a successful, productive working environment. In order to retain a high level of staff retention, a company will look to use a variety of methods that keep their employees both motivated and happy, two adjectives synonymous with success.

1) Freedom to communicate ideas

Transparent and open communication within a company’s hierarchical structure is important for an employee to thrive and find their individual value. Allowing anyone from a company to contribute and have a voice will break down the bureaucratic nature of a business and give everybody a feeling of worth within the company.

Direct strategy days or workshops are often good ways to gather people from different parts of the business and bring together alternative perspectives on projects. Not only will this enhance the positive atmosphere of the workplace, it will allow different viewpoints to provide innovative ideas towards the development of the business.


2) Personal Development Planning (PDP)

This is the process of an individual employee setting themselves an action plan that will structure how they want to achieve their goals and ambitions in a workplace context. Remarkably, studies show that 66% of people in the UK have no kind of PDP in place, so there’s clearly room for vast improvement.

Guidance doesn’t have to take the form of micromanaging, it just means that alongside employees’ autonomy you can ensure that each and every individual stays motivated and enthusiastic.


3) Reward schemes

Everyone loves to know that their hard work is appreciated, so why not reward your employees for achieving their goals? Cash incentives are often the most utilised forms of motivation at a company but it won’t hurt to be creative and think outside the box. Prizes for hitting targets or completing projects can range from trips to the theatre to an organised meal out. Not only are these fun ways to promote success, but they also provide a chance for employees across the company to spend time bonding in a fresh environment.


4) The surroundings

All in all, the average person will spend around ten years of their life working, which means it’s important that you are comfortable in your surroundings. A clean and tidy workspace is paramount for a successful office and a cluttered desk will create a cluttered mind. Would you want to walk into a dull, grey-looking room every day of the week? Most wouldn’t, which is why a colourful, vibrant building can have a real impact when it comes to keeping employees content.

It was also estimated that sick days cost UK businesses a staggering £29 billion each year. Keeping the work surfaces and kitchens clean are little things that can go a long way.


employee working on a tablet